J Prop

J Prop ….the feathering propeller that is easy to install and adjust.

Available in 2, 3 and 4 blade versions As well as for Saildrives.

Originally developed in Late 1980’s Awarded US Patent in 1991. Patent # 5232345

Your new J Prop will arrive fully assembled and is installed on the shaft just like any other propeller. Once this is done, It is a simple matter to adjust pitch to the correct setting for the best performance.

Design Features

Helical Gears
– Jprop uses only helical (or continuously engaged) gears.
– Resulting in two distinct advantages:
– The blades of the propeller will have identical pitch at all times
– Helical gears have a large contact area producing more strength and less wear

Differentially Geared Pitch Adjustment
The pitch setting is determined by the amount of rotation the planetary gears are allowed by the internal stop in the adjustable tail-cone. As the shaft (C) and the drive gear (B) rotate clockwise, the planetary gears (G) rotate the blades (F). The pitch gear (E) rotates counter- clockwise in this differential system.

The housing remains stationary until the blades and pitch gear have rotated to the internal stop and therefore the pitch setting.


Jprops components are made from a variety of stainless steel and aluminum-bronze alloys. Each alloy is designed to suit the specific properties of the application. For instance, the pitch gear, blades, housing and tail-cone are all made from different alloys resulting in less wear between the parts. The combination of stainless steel and aluminum-bronze components also enhance lubrication and minimize corrosion.


Elliptical Blade
In the feathered position, JProp reduces drag under sail. The blade design provides equal thrust in reverse and forward.

J prop Ratings
63mm hub – up to 60 HP
83mm hub – 55 to 100 HP
93mm hub – 90 to 140 HP
116mm hub – 120 to 240 HP
145mm hub – 145 to 400 HP

Tools supplied with each new propeller purchase.
Tools supplied with each new propeller purchase.