Passport 40 Engine Repower / Replacement

Monohull Sailboats

Repower Specifications

LOA: 40.67’
LWL: 33.42’
DISPLACEMENT: 22,771 lbs
BUILDER: Passport Yachts Inc


A popular Rick Perry creation from the 1980’s, this vessel shares the basic wetted hull keel shape as the Valiant 40 and Baba 40. It is a very successful design that has proved to be a capable cruiser without giving up sailing ability.


The Perkins 4.108 was most commonly used. Mercedes and Pathfinder also used.

Repower Recommendations

The Beta 43 and Beta 50 have been the go to engine replacement for the Passport 40.  The Passport 40 propeller diameter is limited to 17’-18”.  The Beta 43 or 50 with a 2:1 gear reduction works well with this propeller size and does not over power the available blade area.

These naturally aspirated and all mechanical fuel injection engines provide trouble free operation.  The low RPM operating range provides quiet power and fuel economy. With no turbocharger heat and noise, the Beta engine works very well in the confines of the rather tight Passport 40 mid-ship engine box.

Repower Recommendations

Beta Marine offers 22” wide mounts that sometimes works well for replacement of the 4.108 Perkins. The standard Beta mounts also work well for Pathfinder replacements. Alternatively, the Beta Marine custom mounts may be the option that will make installation as easy as possible and with no modifications to the existing engine beds.

Installation Considerations


  •    The Beta Marine stainless steel high rise exhaust elbow is used and easily modified to point towards the starboard side of the engine box. These elbows never rust or require cleaning.
  •     Unlike turbo charged engines that require 3” or larger exhaust diameter. The Beta 50 uses 2” exhaust. This means you will not be required to redesign and rebuild the entire exhaust system.
  •     While the standard oil filter and raw water pump configuration provide good access for maintenance, a remote oil filter kit is also available.

Other Resources

The Passport 40  is one of the most common boats we repower with Beta Marine diesel engines. We have extensive engine replacement experience with this model as well as the similar Valiant 40 and Baba 40 models. We have pictures, drawings and measurements for reference as well. Contact us to discuss your boat in more detail, or add to our forum discussion on this specific boat model through the link below.

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