Catalina 30 Engine Repower / Replacement

Monohull Sailboats

Repower Specifications

LOA: 29.92 ft / 9.12 m
LWL: 25.00 ft / 7.62 m
DISPLACEMENT: 10,200 lb / 4,627 kg
BUILDER: Catalina Yachts USA


With thousands of Catalina 30’s built, this vessel still remains as popular as ever with people who desire a mini cruiser that sails well. Beta Marine has sold hundreds of engines that were used to repower this wonderfully classic design. A design that gets more appreciated by owners as the years go by.


The early Yanmar, Universal 5411 and Atomic-4 engines were phased out in favor of the 3-cylinder Universal M-25 diesels during the middle 80s.

Repower Recommendations

The Beta 20 is the preferred engine replacement for the Catalina 30. It produces all the power required for excellent motoring and low speed handling, while also providing excellent efficiency. The Beta 20 fits the engine compartment with minimal or even no modification required. If your Catalina 30 is still running with the Atomic 4 then our Beta 20 Atomic 4 Replacement is the perfect replacement engine.

Repower Recommendations

The various Beta Marine off the shelf mounts can be combined in any configuration to closely match the many different engine bed configurations that are found in the Catalina 30.

Installation Considerations


  • The Catalina 30 exhaust routing is somewhat unique. We have the information and parts you need to make sure the exhaust routing is installed in the safest, effective and cost efficient manner.
  • The harness length to the cockpit is quite long and requires that an extension harness with a starter relay be used.
  • Many different propeller sizes were used on this vessel. Beta Marine will be happy to assist in a correct propeller sizing for your particular craft.

Other Resources

The Catalina 30 is one of the most common boats we repower with Beta Marine diesel engines. We have extensive engine replacement experience with this model and have a history of happy customers. We have pictures, drawings and measurements for reference as well. Contact us to discuss your boat in more detail, or add to our forum discussion on this specific boat model through the link below.

Catalina 30 – Forum Discussion


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