About Us

Beta Marine US was started in 1997 by Stanley Feigenbaum and Richard Gerard and we have been enjoying a great relationship with our customers and Beta Marine since then.

Both companies have grown and Beta Marine now has distributors in more than 50 countries around the world. We pride ourselves on good customer service and having great products. Do your research and ask around, check in the forums. We are not the biggest in the business, just the best.

Our engines are all engineered for ease of service and the use of the reliable Kubota diesels  ensures that service items such as filters and impellers are readily available. In fact, we appear to have a higher percentage of our engines actually cruising and being used instead of sitting on the dock. Our heavy duty cooling systems are extremely easy to service and we also supply our heat exchangers to some reputable generator manufacturers.

We keep all service parts in stock and can often ship out on the same day as the order from our facility in Eastern North Carolina. Our dealer network is growing and many of our dealers carry service and repair parts in stock.

We are the ones that other companies are copying. Our early model heat exchanger design has been blatantly stolen by one small manufacturer. Our user friendly engine layout is being copied by some other engine manufacturers. Beta Marine will remain the innovator of high quality, user friendly and reliable marine diesel engines and generators.

Contact us for more information in the United States or how to contact a dealer near you. Remember, Beta Marine is located throughout the world. Look for us and other dealers at www.betamarine.co.uk.